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Romana Hricová
Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with a seat in Presov, Department of Manufacturing Management, Bayerova 1, 080 01 Presov, Slovak republic
Green logistics is very attractive and request point of view. Many companies try to be “green”, but on the other hand they also must be quick, be in right time in right place and everything with as low costs as possible. So because of it they use more road freight transport. Nowadays road freight transport is much expanded as transport companies prefer the possibility to operate just-in-time. There are several advantages which give road freight transport the first place. Firstly, truck can
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It is necessary to make Network Statement of ZSR for GVD (Train time table/diagram) with shorter idle periods of freight trains.

Ranking and evaluation of the problems
1st: Modernization of rolling stocks
2nd: Modernization of infrastructure
3rd: Modernization of IT (especially IT operational system PIS)
4th: Better coordination with infrastructure managers on the other side of border
5th: Faster implementation of ERTMS

As to the Slovak Republic, modernization of locomotive park is needed (more modern versatile interoperable locomotives) especially for the stations Čaňa (region Košice), Štúrovo, Rusovce, Komárno (region Trnava). Next step would be to make the ordering of locomotives more flexible. Finally, on the Schengen border modernization of IT systems (PIS, custom administrations) and IT-connections among customs administrations in UA and SK is a necessity.

4.3 Hungary
Taking only the north-east part and Schengen border, there is one border station; others are inside the Schengen Area.

Table 4 – Hungarian border station
No. From To Inter- operability Customs Technical capacity Administrative

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