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In recent years, language teaching has focused on the learning process rather than the teaching of the language. The emphasis is not only on the linguistic competence of the language learner but also on the development of the communicative ability of the learner. Learners need to learn how to use the target language in "real-life" situations and not the "artificial" situation of the classroom where often drills and structured dialogues are taught.
Drama or drama activities meet this need for presenting "real-life situations" for the language learner to use the target language. For drama is considered a useful and a unique teaching tool, vital for language development.
Dramatic activities include role-play, simulation, games, acting and miming. These activities give the students opportunities to explore ideas and characters in the target language.

The preparatory work which involves discussion is more important than presentation. For the focus is on doing rather than presentation. From the various descriptions of dramatic activities, we can say that they are learner-centered
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However, by bearing them in mind, it is hoped that they would help the teacher be better prepared as she launches out to use role-play and simulation in the language classroom.

Simulation and role-play can thus be said to be a useful tool in teaching oral communication as illustrated by the activity discussed above. Students are given opportunities to express themselves, share their opinions and use a little of their imagination. In terms of generating the use of language, this activity has managed to do it quite well. Although all the language used was not accurate, but fluency, in terms of making oneself understood, was achieved. With better preparation and more experience in implementing the activity, simulation and role-play can indeed be a valuable tool for language

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