Advantages Of Roman Government

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Ancient Rome had a well organized government that had many purposes that helped them create an amazing civilization. I studied 5 difference purposes of government to learn more about Ancient Rome. Those were the following: public services, protect rights, rule of law, prepare for a common defense, and support the economic system. The Roman Republic had amazing features. The Roman government met the needs of the public services by providing many advanced, and secure items for the Roman citizens. The grade I gave was an A-. The reason why will be supported. First, the Roman Government provided a secure water system throughout the city. There were public baths for citizens to rinse off in. There was only a small fee to pay to use them. 200 million gallons of water was given in Rome each day. There was also clean water fountains running all around Rome. When it came to food, the government gave free wheat to male citizens on a regular basis. Also, the emperor…show more content…
I gave them an A as their grade because of the reasons I will share. All of the laws that were enforced were applied to everyone. It didn’t matter if you were one of the leaders or were in the council, the laws applied to everyone. As for the leaders, elected officials could be trialed for violating the law after their term was over. While elected officials are in their term, they can’t be tried, but when they are done, they can. The government was a tripartite government. That means that they have 3 parts, and those three parts were the senate, magistrates and the assemblies. How did the laws get enforced to the people? The assemblies were held. At assemblies, Roman citizens elected officials who would soon enforce the law. That was a form of direct democracy. Rome also had an established religion for the people to follow that was supported by the government. Rome’s Rule of Law that they came up with, created a organized
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