Advantages Of Saving The American Dream

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Saving the American Dream When the United States was founded, the American dream was a dream where hard working people could be financially profitable, and set their children up to hopefully, better off. This dream, although seeming achievable then, has slowly gotten out of reach from most American people. So, what is the American dream now? The American dream is to rebuild the middle class in a way that anyone, no matter their age, background, ethnicity, etc. can achieve the absolute best according to their abilities and by mending the distance between the ordinary man and the rich by changing the focus of the government from the wealthy to the middle class, we can inspire The easiest way to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed…show more content…
Trickle-down theory hypothesized that if the government took care of the rich and powerful, the wealth would then begin to benefit the rest of the community. Instead of benefitting everyone, the rich just got richer and everyone else got nothing. Since the wealthy continue to be the only people to see these benefits, their version of the American dream has evolved into something unrealistic for a profitable economy. In the article, The Evolution of the American Dream, O’Mara quotes James Adams, a Pulitzer Prize winning historian who states, “It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages…” (2). Since the American dream has gotten out of reach from 90 percent of the population, the rich keep profiting while everyone else continues to lose hope in the idea of a successful life. Warren and Blasio claim, “When the economy works for everyone, consumers have money to spend at businesses, and when businesses have more customers, they build more factories, hire more workers and sell more products - and the economy grows” (1). This core understanding allowed not only for wages to increase, but the economy continued to grow as well. When the focus was directed to the middle class, everyone seemed to be getting a little more over the years, but now with the focus directed to the wealthy, only the top 10 percent of the population can see these benefits.…show more content…
Rebuilding the American dream won’t be easy, but is necessary for the success of the nation. Rebuilding the economy is the new American dream so that everyone can achieve the absolute best according to their abilities, and allowing for the economy, once again, to grow into something greater than the nation can

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