Advantages Of School To Prison Pipeline

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When you are young, the world is supposed to be a beautiful place. It should be inspiring; allowing you to believe you can do anything, as long as you are willing to do the work. Schools are supposed to be the initial place you start to grow. Schools are were your mind is shaped, the place where you began to understand a lot of things, educators were willing to teach you and help build you up ; encouraging you to stay focus, wanting you to continue following your dreams. Nowadays, it seems as though children’s dreams and aspirations are fading. Schools are no longer a place for students to strive and better themselves, but it now has become a place of discouragement and punishment. School-to-prison pipeline “refers to the policies and practices…show more content…
Mainly Blacks and Latinos are faced with this unfair and unjust system that paints the picture that they never be more than their white counterparts. Education is now a two tier system, which put minorities and other children in poverty in a clear disadvantage. Minorities have always been at a disadvantage and the school-to-prison pipeline make sure people of color, as a whole never strive to their true potential. Some of the things the Civil Rights Movement fought for were equality and the desegregation of schools. Many fought for and died for the right for every child especially those of color to succeed. They wanted every child to be allowed to attend school and achieve an education; for a good education gives any child a better chance at life. Though schools are now integrated it seem as though children of color are still faced with inequality. Many children of color are set up. The education system gives the illusion that everything has changed but in reality little…show more content…
Nancy A. Heitzeg, a Sociology Professor at St. Catherine University published an article titled Education or Incarceration: Zero Tolerance Policies And The School to Prison Pipeline. In this scholar article Heitzeg, addresses the zero tolerance policy and the negative effects of this policy. She looks at the growing number of suspensions, expulsions, and dropout rates. Most importantly how this policy is racially disproportionate; for more Black and Latino students are likely to face harsher consequences for this zero tolerance policy. She argues for reform and alternatives that will lead our youth away from the criminal justice system and back toward the education
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