School Uniforms: Should School Uniform Be Compulsory?

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School uniforms being compulsory is a subject on which all students, parents and teachers hold contrasting opinions. School uniforms or clothing is a practice that dates back to the 16th century Britain. Wearing uniforms promotes social equality between students. Uniforms are compulsory in many countries like India but in countries like the US it is not compulsory in all states. Majority of the world is now switching to making school uniforms compulsory for students. Wearing uniforms have various advantages like its influence on peer pressure and bullying, community spirit unity and pride.…show more content…
Financial burden on parents can be reduced if students are limited to wearing one simple outfit every day. A national survey of 517 US school leaders in 2013 found that 94% of those surveyed believe that low cost of uniforms is one of the main benefits to parents. Without school uniforms parents also feel the pressure to compete with other families by getting them expensive clothes. Also the issue of students missing their bus because they were not able to get ready on time is addressed because when uniforms are mandatory students are limited to wear only one simple uniform. According to a survey conducted in 2013 of US school leaders over 90% believe that uniform eliminate wardrobe battles with students. Furthermore if students are not wearing school uniforms they are more concentrated on their clothes rather than studies. Questions like ‘Am I looking nice’ ‘is the other child’s dress better than mine” will keep coming up rather than doubts and queries on the subject you are learning. When all students are dressed alike students are less concerned about how they look and how they fit in with their peers. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she was 2008 presidential candidate said, “Take the clothing choices of the table and put the focus on the school and not on what you’re wearing

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