Advantages Of Second Language Acquisition

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Introduction In our current world, acquiring and learning languages is very crucial part of our life as it is the process that enables us to communicate with each other. First language is acquired naturally but it is not sufficient in our progressive world where science and technology depend on foreign languages. Therefore, acquiring a second language is demanded to fulfill our needs. Language acquisition is the process or the ability that enables children to acquire their languages (Saville-Troike, 2005). First language acquisition does not necessarily be one language, it can be two or more languages as well. For example, children who were born and grew up in a country where only the Arabic language is spoken would acquire only the Arabic as their first language. In contrast, children who were born and grew up in a country where both English and Arabic are spoken would acquire both English and Arabic as their first languages. Until now, it is commonly held belief that children acquire their mother tongue through imitation of the parents and people around them in their environment, linguists too had the same conviction until 1957,during that time, the American linguist Noam Chomsky propounded that children acquire their first language innately and genetically, this theory revolutionized the study of language acquisition. His theories are now accepted as true after the publication of his book "Aspects of the theory of the syntax" in 1964.
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