The Pros And Cons Of Automation

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Imagine a two-ton machine made of aluminum, steel and plastic polymers. This machine has the power to maim or even murder innocent people. Would you feel safe at the controls of this machine? What if this metallic monster was let loose on around the general public with a high schooler at its controls? Many people do not see this, but your car sitting in your driveway could be that two-ton monster. With the rise of technology, and computers, cars today are safer than ever before. The only problem with cars tends to be their drivers. With a person behind the wheel, the car is only as safe as the person is alert. Despite the fears many have on automation, self-driving cars are much safer than having any person behind the wheel. First and foremost, what does it mean to have autonomous cars?…show more content…
Moving up to level 1, the car is able to control either steering, or acceleration and breaking. Level one cars tend to have features that help the driver stay in their lane as well as adaptive cruise control. Moving up another level is where most “self-driving” cars are currently at. Level two autonomy allows for less user input and can control all aspects of driving in certain conditions, but the driver still needs to be paying attention to the road. Currently level two cars can be found on highways. Level 3 and 4 are very similar when it comes to autonomous driving. Both of these levels are able to control the
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