Advantages Of Shared Leadership

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You could describe and consider more models of leadership and discuss if they suit your workplace. ie, explain and compare a number of leadership models and discuss how each would work in your area.

In part ii, you could also consider your own leadership skills now and say which skills you need to develop, then devise a PDP to bring about that learning.

Topic:Understanding the need of health care activity is very important . A successful leadership is a essential practices influence our followers. A skilled leader should acknowledge to explore new idea because recognize what is the pro and cons in shared leadership to enhance colleagues will benefit to patients and organization .


Health care is more complex. Although
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Moreover, Yukl (2006) recognized that those who subscribe to shared leadership approaches understand that "important decisions about what to do and how to do it are made through the use of an interactive process involving many different people who influence each other" (p. 4).. Steinert et al. (2006)agreed that implementation of shared leadership is a universal struggle, boldly stating, "All authors emphasize that the introduction of shared leadership requires extensive preparatory work to overcome traditional professional demarcations" (p. 251).

Arguments... Kocolowski 2010 research indicates that shared leadership has its challenges and can be difficult to implement, overall the benefits of shared leadership hold undertaking. Organizations of all types should take notice and consider implementing a shared leadership approach. Alvarez and Svejenova (2005) explore shared leadership at the top and the emergence of shared cognition. They argue that tensions and paradoxes in the organization create unavoidable dualities in executive work. Great research is generally considered a distributed leadership and academic prospects, this model will play an increasingly important role in the future management practices and called the leadership tomorrow, the main reason
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