Advantages Of Singapore's Land Use Plan

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According to the many international surveys, Singapore is the most liveable cities in the world. Along with the liveability Singapore is also counted in the one of the leading commercial hub with the fourth-biggest financial centre and one of the busiest port in all over the world. It has developed rapidly from the third world to first world country in just over 50 years with the aim to developing a competitive economy and achieving environmental sustainability.
In previous years the government of Singapore already proven his legacy by its sound planning, inter-department coordination and most important its timely implementation capability. It has been almost two years, ministry of national development, released his land use plan-2030 with
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As Singapore’s total fertility rate is getting lower and lower, city’s population will age rapidly and also will start slope downwards from 2025 if government do not take any new immigrants. The land use plan sets out the main considerations and route for Singapore’s population policies to handle this demographic outlines the government policies to maintain a strong Singaporean core in the population, regulate how many new citizenship and permanent resident government take in, create job opportunities and built good living…show more content…
People involvement in planning process consume more time
b. Sometime result is unpredictable which will again bring to the level of strategic planning
c. Incorporation of every bodies idea become difficult and few people will be still unhappy by results
Government of Singapore should learn from Hong Kong’s public participation in planning policies on other hand it is also important to understand the extent of public participation on various stages will help or interrupt the process or decision making.
Economic aspect
With the aim to sustain a dynamic economy which can continuously create job and create various resources to invest in the city state the government restructure its economy to stay competitive in the Asian economy and global market. The land use plan 2030 project Singapore’s position as a high end manufacturing base and a global business and financial hub. To achieve its long term goals in economic front Singapore plan to site more commercial activities near home by building urban centres in various parts like Jurong lake District, One- North, Paya Lebar central, Tampines, Woodlands and Punggol.
1. Creating good Job opportunities for Singaporeans and top talent world
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