Single Mother Essay

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SINGLE mothers have been described as lacking the developmental capacities required to raise boys into men, in the absence of a man. While numerous research have shown that boys that have contact with their fathers are generally healthier in all aspects of their lives, including academics, mental and psychological health and are more socially rounded this in no way, according to clinical psychologist Dr Pearnel Bell suggest that boys raised by single mothers are doomed.
“Some of the most successful men we see every day were raised by single mother. So, to a question on the ability of single mothers to raise great sons, my answer would be a resounding yes,” Dr Bell said.
Dr Bell pointed out that interesting new pieces of research have cited
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You want him to know that he should feel comfortable talking to you about everything.
Never spoil your children with gifts to make up for time that you had to dedicate to them. Remember, to make arrangements with your workplace so that your child does not feel neglected by you. They may already feel that way about their father.
Please abandon the way of thinking that boys should allowed to be boys – you may want to reconsider laughing at rouge behaviours, tantrums and being allowed to stay out late hours, not participating in carrying out household chores. Teach them to be accountable – they should know that there are consequences for breaking contracts that you make with them. When they know they have things to do around the house this also teaches responsibility.
Boundaries, limits and respect should be taught in the households. Be sure to ensure that caregivers in your absence have knowledge of the rules that you have set down and will not contradict this or your disciplinary techniques. Children require consistency and this will encourage
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