Advantages Of Single-Sex Education

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Should boys and girls be taught separately? Does single sex education boost academic performance? Single-sex education exists in many schools all over the world. But to start with, what is single-sex education? Novotney (2011) writing on the topic of ‘Coed versus single-sex ed’ in the online magazine ‘American Psychological Association’ ( defines single-sex education as the practice of educating girls and boys in separate classes or schools. This can be contrasted with co-educational (coed), which is the teaching of both boys and girls within the same class or institution. Students in a coed classroom or institution share the same teachers, the same learning facilities and the same space. This essay…show more content…
Segregation along gender lines might have looked good in the last century but the challenges of the 21st century make it unrealistic. We are now living in a world where men and women interact in almost all aspects: along the street, at work and even social places such as malls and cinemas. If that is the case, then what is the value of single-sex education? Leonard Sax, the founder of the National Association for Single-Sex Public Education correctly argues, “The behavior of boys and girls whenever they learn together should and must inevitably reflect the larger modern society.” Therefore, schools and classrooms need to mirror the day-to-day society we live in. Confining students to a one-gender system of learning gives them a lope-sided view of the realities of life out of school. We cannot hide from the fact that students in single-sex classrooms will one day live and work side-by-side with members of the opposite gender. Confining students to single-sex schools limits their opportunity to work cooperatively and co-exist successfully with members of the opposite gender. This can easily lead to a dysfunctional society in which people cannot fit in or relate positively and productively with those of the opposite…show more content…
The essay has clearly argued that single-sex education is not good. Firstly, single-sex education does not mirror the realities of present day life where both men and women work and coexist in the same environment. If anything, single-sex education limits a student’s opportunity to work cooperatively and co-exist successfully with members of the opposite gender. Secondly, the argument that coed exposes students to distractions by the opposite gender does not hold since students now have access to the internet and social media where the distraction is even more devastating than sharing a class with a member of the opposite sex. Thirdly, it is common lore that the 21st century is one of equal resources and opportunities for both genders: if that is the case then single-sex education is reneging on this milestone and thus not good since it is reinforcing stereotypes and reopening avenues for one gender to be superior over the other. Finally, this essay has annotated research that has shown that the academic performance of a mixed-sex class outstrips that of a single-sex class because both genders cancel out each other’s excesses thus fostering a positive learning environment. Hey, the adult world is

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