Advantages Of Single Sex Education Vs Coed Schools

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Men and women aren 't that different, only a chromosome apart. Yet they have so many differences. That doesn’t mean they learn either at a faster rate, or are more accustomed to different ways of learning. Which is why single sex education should not be as accepted as should be. People always get excited with a new way of doing things, overlooking the negative sides to those innovations. The same goes for single sex education. The issue of single sex education vs coed schools has been going on for a while. Dating all the way back to 1848, women were privately taught to get their bachelor’s degree in the medical field. Now this was the first instance of single sex education, and although they did not know the vocabulary for it at the time, it still happened. This event sparked the debate of first, education as a basic right, which evolved into the separation of genders in the classroom. What I mean by single sex and coed are the two types of schools. Single sex schools are schools that only allow one gender into the curriculum, either girl or boy. Coed schools are the more common ones, the schools that allow both genders into the school. The proof of how effective single sex education is seen as slightly unreliable. There have been many studies done by many scientists and psychologists who have proven to a certain degree that a coed classroom is either better or worse than a single gender education system. An example would be: “However, “Harker (2000) found that separation

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