Advantages Of Snapchat

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Snapchat is a telephone application that can be considered an effective and successful multimodal object. To prove the effectiveness of Snapchat many factors must be analyzed. The factors that might be evaluated are the design of the object, its capacity to provide its primary service which is the transmission of a picture or video, its capacity to transmit its user’s message and interact with users.
Snapchat is a medium of communication that uses multiple modes to transfer information. To consider an object as multimodal, it should include at least two of the following: written, oral, visual, electronic and non-verbal communication. Snapchat uses all of these five modes: written when the user is allowed to write the message, oral when the message is a video, visual when the message is either a picture or video, electronic when the application is downloaded from the Internet with a device having Internet signal, and non-verbal when recipients understand the message just by looking at a picture. So, Snapchat can be defined as a multimodal object.
It depends on the person and his or her perception of objects to determine if Snapchat is simple or complicated. However, all of the technological creations have a certain level of complexity in design in order to make them unique and
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The main purpose of this object is to allow the users to transmit spontaneous messages by using both pictures and videos. It consists of three main screens, each possessing different buttons and commands. The first one (the main screen) is to record the message as either a picture or a video, the second screen (the editing screen) is used to decorate the message before sending it, and the third screen, consisting of a list of friends, is used in order to select the recipients of the message. The design is clear and easily performs the service for
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