Advantages Of Social Media Education Advantages And Disadvantages

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Social media in education advantages & disadvantages. Social media and networking sites encourage students to interact with each other, share ideas and to express their creativity. Social media helps also help to establish enduring relationships with real people. A few examples are: Facebook can help students overcome isolation that otherwise might lead them to drop out of school. Twitter another social media website can provide shy students with information about events that leads to “face-to-face” encounters with other students. Such personal interactions can create a positive sense of belonging. These relationships created through social media can be fostered on a community level. “The use of Internet and social media exercise our brains to skim and scan” (Connelly, 2011). Due to the big…show more content…
Social media has been one of the greatest developments in human history. It has connected humanity like never before and has changed the way people run businesses, with companies maintaining their own social media accounts to interact with customers. With social media, we share our lives with people thousands of miles away with status, pictures and the climax of our lives. The ability to stay connected to our loved ones seems like our quality of life is advancing. However, studies firmly suggest that the benefits that we get through social media also cause of some serious mental health issues. Despite being steadily connected, people still feel lonely. The problem with social media is that people tend to only share the good things in their lives. This constant bombardment of good news has cause a cruel cycle in which some people only share the good in order to keep up. This act kills any sense of genuine shared experience which is most important to emotional closeness between

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