Advantages Of Social Media Related To Education

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Education and social media has been talk by researches from the beginning of these platforms. This is because many students use social media as their form of social interaction. So parents, teachers, and educational researches wanted to know the disadvantages and advantages of these platforms. Some research concluded social media was useful because it helped teacher-student relation. While, other research says social media had negative effects on the academic performance of students. This essay will outline three positive and negative advantages of social media related to education. It concludes . …
Social can help increase student involvement in the classroom lessons (Heiberger and Harper, 2008 U.Matzat and E.M. Vrieling ,2015).
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One of them is that Students spend a lot of time on facebook (such as chatting) (Junco, 2012a cited in U.Matzat and E.M. Vrieling ,2015). A study was done by a researcher named Aryn karpinski of Ohio State University. There were 219 postgraduates and undergraduates were tested of how much time did students spent on facebook. The results shown 68% facebook users who had lower grades in their studies (Clark,2009).The second one is that The popularity of social media, and the speed at which information is published, makes people not use proper spelling and grammar(Dunn,2011). This has negative effect because it reduces a student’s ability to write without checking their spelling. A study says: "The increasing use of variant spellings on the internet has been brought about by people typing at speed in chatrooms and on social networking sites where the general attitude is that there isn't a need to correct typos or conform to spelling rules.” This same study did a gathering of 18-to 24-year-olds for testing on this study. They found that the most of the students believed that irregular spellings are used on the web since it is quicker and has turned into a standard use on the internet. More than one out of five (22%) said they would not be sure about typing an important email without checking a dictionary or spell…show more content…
(66%) think that dictionaries can contain variation spellings(The guardian, 2010). The third one is that students do multi-tasking like checking Facebook, twitter or Youtube while they are studying. Which reduces their focus while they are studying(Raut and Patil,2016). A recent study was done in Washington University in St. Louis. The researchers tested undergraduates into two categories, Heavy media multi-taskers and Light media multi-taskers. Heavy media multi-taskers are who are very skilled in multitasking and light media multi-taskers are the ones who ignore distractions. The research showed that it was completely the opposite that heavy multi-taskers had reduced abilities in ignoring distractions compared to high-level or low level students. Which includes in their personalities, performances, memory and creative tasks(Teaching Center,

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