Advantages Of Space Exploration

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In the earlier stage, astronomy which is the investigation done through telescopes is used to comprehend the variable objects in space. Soon after, with the launch of a first basketball-size satellite, Sputnik by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union ushered in the "Space Age" and entirely changed the world. Now even rockets is sent into space to record information of outer space along with understand more about outer space in the more reliable ways. The article below discuss is to discuss one simple question "How space exploration deliver benefits?" as well as to prove that the advantages of space exploration is far outweigh the disadvantages.

The amount that is spent on space exploration is huge, however, the contribute to our society is not much. Pollution, one of the main concern in view of space exploration. Many people believed that people are the primary reason cause pieces floating pointlessly around the universe. There are pieces of lost or broken equipment, and also booster from rocket launches. People certainly encounter hazardous issues on Earth now which are now getting worse. These cover the pollution of air and the disappearance of forests. Besides, with the amount spent on space, people may get the chances to have better
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What is more, advantages of space exploration have touched upon nearly all aspects of life on Earth including improvement in life, such as lives more comfortable and healthier. Yet, there are some people still believed that space exploration ought to be eliminated due to the waste of financial resources. For sure, exploring space brings various negative problems but think of how much people have gained in knowledge of space. Many people argued that serious problems can be fixed. In the past, space exploration has proven to be extremely beneficial to people and will continue to do something advance in the

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