Advantages Of Story Retelling

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4.6 The advantages of story retelling and theories According to the researcher has studied the theory of retelling a story, the researcher finds the useful of story retelling from these theories that will be explained in the next. Blank and Sheldon (1971) reported that the semantics and the complexity of the sentences in the language of children aged 4-6 years have increased when children have asked to repeat the sentence. Due to teachers read the courageous story to children, and they can retell it. Similes and Kuhns (1976) also found that children of six to eight years old can retell a story. Post-test has used to rate and interpret of experiments that students can also retell the story after listening. In the middle of 1980, Morrow had studied on series to evaluate the efficacy of a retelling strategy with young children. She focused on comprehension; concept, story structure, and oral language which were developed as variables. Morrow (1985b:648) surveyed to teachers and they gave the opinions that retelling was difficult to use in children, so Morrow was motivated from teachers’ opinions to find out the way to help in teaching retelling. Kindergartens were participants of her studies in 1985b; 1986. Teachers or parents read stories to children and those experimental groups make the oral retelling. Students or children demonstrated oral retelling with the significant gaining of language’s knowledge in each day. Morrow (1986) continued to study three different studies
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