Disadvantages To Smooth Hair Essay

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We've picked 5 of our favorite straightening irons for review. We collected them based on their ability to smooth and straighten all hair types from fine or treated hair to coarse and curly hair with one or two passes. Nobody wants to spend hours sectioning and running the flat iron over the same piece of hair 3 or 4 times. It could literally take hours to do that. The straightener also needs to lock down the silky, soft texture between washings without having to make extra passes every day to areas that have frizzed or curled.

BIO Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron

The BIO Ionic Onepass Straightener has satisfied customers who say they would recommend this to their friends and family. In fact, many of BIO's first buyers were beauty consultants
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Along with the straightener, it comes with smoothing treatment for your wet hair and keratin flexible hold hair spray to be applied after straightening.

T3 Single Pass X Flat Iron

The manufacturer calls this hair straightener the "hair whisperer", and we might have to agree with that. The straightener soothes and smooths the hair, so it stops being a scary, curly mess, and behaves as you want your hair to act on a daily basis. This means that the hair won't frizz up later in the day, either. While nothing can save your hair if it becomes damp and rains, for normal days, you won't have to worry about reapplying the iron to your hair.

Internal microchip for even heat
2-year warranty
9-foot swivel cord
Dual voltage
5 settings for heat
Lights and audio

1-hour shut-off, which means you'll never have to worry about leaving it on when you rush out the

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