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CHAPTER – 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL: Structural Engineering – the art of all kinds of buildings and other type of structures has been in man’s service since the beginning of civilization evolution. Human activity in the field of structural engineering goes very far back into the past, when man observing nature around him began to imitate and to improve it in order to create safer and better living conditions. India has significant issue with the strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) structure as the replacement of such deficient elements of structures incurs a huge amount of public money and time. Strengthening has become the accepted way of improving their load carrying capacity and upgraded its service life. One of the challenges…show more content…
Strengthening of tension face of concrete is possible by means of adding reinforcing steel. Reinforcement should be added after unloading, and after concrete cover has been removed, or after recesses have been cut in the cover to accommodate the added reinforcement. Afterwards the concrete cover must be established. Effective anchoring should be provided at the end of reinforcing steel by providing sufficient anchorage length or by steel plates and bolts with anchoring discs. 1.3.2 Reinforce concrete Jacketing: The jacketing of a structure main objective is to increase the seismic capacity of the structure. Depending on the type of jacketing used an increase in strength and stiffness, ductility can e obtained. There are several options for jacketing of concrete member. Usually the existing member is wrapped with a jacket of concrete reinforced with longitudinal steel or ties or with welded wire fabrics. There are three types of jacketing for structural members: 1. Column…show more content…
 To investigate about the effectiveness of bonding with epoxy resin and basalt fibers reinforcement applies after develop the first crack in slab. 1.5 Scope of Work:  The research focuses on experimental work to study about near surface mounting strengthening technique using basalt fibre reinforcement.  One way slabs shall be casted to investigate the strengthening effect of BFRP bars. 1.6 Need for study: During the last few year there are so many structure constructed with different function and quality, but they are all ageing and deteriorating. Some of these structures need to be upgraded or replaced, because they are in poor condition, not only due to deterioration processes, but also due to errors made during design and execution. Strengthening on reinforced concrete (RC) structure with Near-surface mounted (NSM) fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement has been done in recent years. Strengthening and corrosion issue solved by use of this NSM FRP reinforcement include the optimization of construction details, models for the bond behaviour between NSM FRP and

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