Advantages Of Study Abroad Essay

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Today, we can see many people who are international students around us. Although studying abroad has many challenges, they try to overcome this. Why are they studying in another country? What is the power keeping away these people from their home? Answer is that studying abroad has many advantages in other words this is why some people prefer to study abroad.

Most students, who prefer to attend a better university, search best university for them because all people want to live a high-quality life condition. The purpose of life is this, isn 't it? Better courses and expert teachers are two main reason to take an interest in universities for students. If courses don 't understand background knowledge of
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The most important reason why people are studying abroad is that they believe that they can improve their future career. Businesses prefer the worker according to their university today. For example, if students can be graduate from Oxford or Cambridge, they will absolutely getting the job done, but otherwise their state is very hard. A great university will enhance your job opportunities. If you are a foreign student, your job possibility will increase. Because, you learn a foreign language. For instance, if you don 't know any foreign language let 's think that your salary is 1000 dollar per month but if you will know foreign language let 's think that taking your salary is 2000 dollar per month. This is multiplied by two per month. The difference is very big. If you get a quote about 1800 dollar per month, a deal is improving your job opportunities. Another thing is that you can set up professional network friendship. This what you can specialise in your field and you can make a contact abroad. When you specialise in your field, you are a top person for others. They ask a question to you about your job. Professional network friendships may raise your knowledge about your field. Also, professional network friendship offers you to make contact abroad. Work is global. Therefore, making contact abroad

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