Advantages Of Succession Planning

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HR Planning is an important component for an effective strategic Human Resource Management, it considers many areas and aims to reach the greatest fit between an organization employees and jobs in a way that prevent the shortage or surpluses of labor force. Most importantly, is that the process of HR planning would ensure an efficient meet of an organization overall strategy and objectives. One of the area that HR planning contains and plays a significant role in that process is the Succession Planning and its key elements. Generally, Succession Planning spotlight the importance of establishing an adequate process for looking after excellent potential successors and developing their abilities and skills in order to build up an efficient employees’ replacement approach for the key jobs within an organization to ensure it continuity in the future. As a fact, succession planning as a component of HR planning admit the idea that there is no assurance in which vital employees covering key positions will stay forever in the company, thus, an enormous succession plan must be developed to meet the future needs because their leave will cause a great loss of the knowledge, skills and capabilities that have been built over the years and this case would likely impact the strength of a company. Hence, the advantage of succession planning is that it will help in creating stable, healthier and growing organization through building bench force. Most organizations when
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