Advantages Of Superplasticizers

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Chemical admixtures have become one of the essential components of concrete in recent years. Nowadays according to the needs of the users various chemical admixtures in different composition have been available in the market. The most commonly used for this purpose are those of plasticizers and superplasticizers which have the ability to increase the workability of concrete considerably. Superplasticizer has various applications in concrete like high volume fly ash concrete, superplasticized fiber reinforced concrete and shortcrete, high strength and high performance silica fume cement concrete, etc. Nowadays workability is one of the major issues of a freshly prepared concrete, which can be enhanced by superplasticizer. These superplasticizers will reduce the water-cement ratio and also improve the workability of concrete. Therefore, advanced concrete technology requires a detailed study of effects of superplasticizer upon the workability of concrete. The workability of concrete can be enhanced by using exact required amount of superplasticizer. A fresh concrete is desirable to be malleable or workable. But sometimes, desirable workability cannot be maintained due to scorching conditions at site. Then superplasticizers will lower the shear and flow resistance of concrete and enhances the workability to sufficient extent.
Currently available superplasticizing admixtures are micromolecular organic agents. These admixtures do not entrain a significant amount of air as they do
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