Advantages Of Tablets Over Textbooks

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There has been much discussion going on in schools, and it is not about the usage of drugs or use of violence. Instead, it’s whether tablets should replace textbooks with regard to academics. Many are against the adoption of tablets in schools as they do not want to witness a change in the traditional method of learning which is referring to a book for studies. This has been in practice since the beginning of the school system and further back for some cultures. However , more schools are starting to adopt tablets as they promote interactive learning , cut down education costs , and lesser the burden of carrying many textbooks. Thus , the use of tablets is more practical in today’s world and the advantages of using it over textbooks outweighs its disadvantages.

Textbooks have always played a major role in school systems and they are preferred over tablets due to various reasons. They were first used in ancient Greece for the purpose of education (Textbooks, n.d.). Since the advent of the printing technology, textbooks have become ubiquitous in societies .Even in today’s world, the number of schools using textbooks over tablets are comparatively greater. This is because textbooks are cheaper than tablets. For many students, reading from a print text is more practical since they able to comprehend more, recall more, and understand better compared to when they read digital text. In addition, they have many distractions for classroom use and can be ineffective if used in the

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