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Introduction Tata Motors Limited was established in 1945 as TELCO .The models launched were Tata Sierra in 1991, Tata Indica in 1998 and Tata Safari in 2005. It was renamed as TML (Tata Motors Ltd) in 2003. TML was listed in New York Stock Exchange and began a series of foreign ventures and acquisitions including Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company, Marcopolo Brazil and Jaguar and had setup manufacturing facilities in Africa, Middle East, Australia, etc.
Tata Indica was the most successful car with 60% of all passenger and utility
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Management at Tata Motor’s tried to focus on the price factor and developed “Price Positioning Strategy” for Tata Nano. Tata Nano tried to position itself as the most affordable car in the world. The car was positioned as a people’s car since it offers comfort and affordability to every person but inadvertently Tata Nano got positioned as the “Poor Man’s Car” and “Cheap Car”. The four elements of a positioning statement are
1. Target Market: The lower and middle class families which aspire to buy a 4-wheeler but cannot afford it. And also people who either are looking to replace their two-wheelers with a car, or have no private transportation and thus aspire to buy their first car.
2. Frame of Reference: Tata Nano is an ultra-compact and affordable car which is midway between the price of the cheapest car and the price of a typical two-wheel motorbike. Nano is tagged as ‘peoples car’, ‘poor man’s car’ and ‘car for everybody’.
3. Point of difference: This is the most affordable car in the world with price of Rs. 1 lakh. A family of 4 can travel comfortably and safely than a two wheeler. The maintenance cost and size is less compared to other

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