Advantages Of Teaching English Essay

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In the working experiences as teachers, we are prepared for a population with the basic skills developed, but if someday you will work with kids, Hw to teach English to young children?; That is the reason for create this article, thinking in teachers who have always worked teaching English to group or adults, and maybe in the future they will have to make a class with little children, and needs know how can develop it in the best way. When we think of the ways to teach English in little kid are not easy to answer the question, because usually in academic world, we are taught many methods, strategies and ways to teach skills in writing, reading, speaking and writing and adults or young people, who have mastered these skills almost complete, but the real dilemma…show more content…
In addition, the kids love pronounces new sounds for this reason we suggest activities where you can put songs in English background and after they are familiar with it, you could teach easily. "Teach educational songs. Say the words of the song slowly and asks students to repeat. Make music and sing it, stopping the song after each verse. Repeat each verse to music until the children remember the song. Make hand movements to the song. For example, if children are learning a song about body parts, each part notes while singing. Indicate the children to do the same. " Additionally, the teacher must be very careful with the words used in class, even struggle and you don’t overstress with new vocabulary, this could confuse students, look for to create an atmosphere of confidence so that children are not ashamed to speak differently, and this experience were remembered affectionately and it will be easier to learn another language later or improve the previously

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