Advantages Of Teaching English Language

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English is one of the most widely used languages of the world and is the common medium of communication. Like Pakistan, where English is the official language, learning English becomes more important. So it should be introduced at earlier stages of learning. The earlier the exposure the more time will the learner get to practice it. Moreover when a child is introduced to a language at primary levels of learning the results are much better than when the language is introduced to an older student. Many methods are used for teaching. The method used in the rural areas of Punjab is mainly the Grammar Translation Method. In which every phrase and word is translated in the mother tongue. This constant use of mother tongue hinders acquiring the second language. The overuse of Grammar Translation Method in teaching English as a second language mainly in rural areas of Punjab is making students incompetent in all four skills of the English language. It is essential for them to be proficient in English language to cope up with the advanced nations. English is used for a lot of purposes on a daily basis. This common usage of English language throughout the world makes English the ‘global language’ and this world a ‘global village’. It is important for the growth and development of the nation. If the barrier of communication is not eliminated then the progress of the country will be affected. As most of the research and development is being done in English language one needs to be
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