Advantages Of Teaching Vocabulary

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The process of teaching and learning vocabulary is very challenging and demanding. In recent years, English teachers have witnessed the changes that occurred in the field of teaching vocabulary. Due to the development and progression of technological tools, and the evolvement of digital multimedia, the methods which were used to take place in teaching vocabulary have changed. Therefore, teachers worldwide try to figure out which vocabulary teaching method is more beneficial for their pupils.
Nowadays, there is no doubt that technology has become a substantial element in many pupils’ lives, accordingly, the education systems have incorporated into their curriculum new instructions that try to implement these tools and toe the line with the rest of the world.
However, there are still some English teachers who prefer to teach vocabulary in their classrooms using only oral and written instruction, hence, the traditional method, while other English teachers are using technology such as digital multimedia in their classrooms.
The current digital and technological era is one of the main characteristics that stimulate these changes in the process of
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In this way pupils can work at their own pace, and the learning becomes personalized and independent. Particularly when pupils use the technology directly, they become confident in their ability to use a computer and it will also provide them the primary skills needed to use more advanced applications for efficacious work as they grow older. (Murphy, Karen et al. 2003). Moreover, pupils can complete interactive exercises in class or at home and receive immediate feedback. they can attain a better grade for exertion. In addition, the possibility to compare achievements with other peer group is encouraging the pupils. Furthermore, it adds a component of an appealing gamification to the learning
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