Advantages Of Technology In Communication

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Technology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment. Nowadays, technology is very important to society and without the technology the society will be recoil. There are many advantages that technology give regarding in communication such as it can make the relationship more close, created many jobs to society, and save time. The first point of the advantages technology in communication is it can make human relationship become close. Nowadays , we can see many applications such as whatsApp, telegram, facebook and others application have been created for people to make they more easily to communicate with their friends. For an example, whatsapp is the most popular application that been install by people nowadays because of it is more easily to be use and it will save our prepaid than by using massage. By using whatsapp, people will be more easily to contact with their friends. For an example, they can easily have a conversation with their friend if they wants without thinking their prepaid. Besides people can easily send photo or videos by using whatsapp, so they can be more close because they have many things that can be shared together. Lastly, by whatsapp, people can create a group so they can shared their info together and directly can make their relationship become more close. Besides whatsapp Instagram is one of the famous applications too this because with
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