Pros And Cons Of Non Telecom Sales

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One of the common misconceptions is that it is better to network with other outside sales people from outside of telecom because they are not the competition, but are still going after the same decision maker. While they may have an existing relationship with the decision maker, that person may not be in the market. They may be under contract or have no intension of evaluating telecom services. You will need many of these semi-warm leads to convert into real live opportunities. Before your non-telecom leads partner finally gives you something you can work, you may have already given up on them because none of their leads are turning into deals. While those avenues for lead generation are still great to develop, taking the time to develop the partnership of other B2B/Outside sales people at competing telecom companies will be much more effective and yield you more qualified leads than working with any other outside sales person.…show more content…
If you are looking for ways to augment your skills, you must already be motivated. This is also NOT for those of you that need basic sales training. We assuming that you possess a basic level of competency when it comes to general business to business sales techniques. Telecom companies usually have sufficient sales training where you can get most of your general sales technique questions answered for free. This is for those who may be starting off or struggling in telecom sales and are looking for tips, techniques and strategies, specific to telecom, that WILL increase sales. Sales people by nature are social and very ambitious people, so they usually do not have a lot of time to spend diving into a sales book where they have already heard half of what they are reading. This is a guide that will take you no more than an hour or two to read and will give you strategies and tips that you can put into practice immediately to impact your sales

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