Advantages Of Telemedicine

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Def: It can be defined as : "medical care and health supporting practices based on patient information derived from images transmitted from a remote site."

> It includes the conditions under which telemedicine can be accepted as a form of medicine .Its implementation varies what facilities used and nature of the type of data transmitted.
>In actual its been practiced between two medical facilities without any legal problems involved.
>It majorly involves in the effective and accurate transmission of medical related data like X-ray images as well as other related information regarding pathological data (rarely), sometimes it is not even necessary to transmit images only
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>Sometimes it can be incorporated by the usage of telemedicine networks which is evolving technology, mainly useful for effective interactions and reliable functions, by the usage of their sophisticated interfaces for both sites.
Uses of Telemedicine:

>The major advantage is its importance in case of medical emergencies mainly in life and death situations, where the patient required immediate medical assistance with advance therapy to save their life.

>It will erases the barrages between distant regions where the medical support can be provided barely, its mostly beneficial to rural areas as the quality and accessibility vastly improved.

> It will be a boon to the patients who are in long term treatments at hospitals living distantly from their families have an opportunity to communicate with their families, as well as to the students who are long term inpatients can be able to get
School lessons to get transmitted for
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In general telemedicine implementation uses a basic system of two interconnected video monitors connected via a network for both information sharing and for providing suggestions. So The communication network type must be in full-duplex mode of conversation then only the actual mechanism of telemedicine works.

>In some cases there is a usage of telemedicine networks, for the implementation of these systems connections among multiple terminals residing at various sites. So these networks are slowly evolving now-a-days but will be more successful in the future days for more effective implementation of telemedicine. >The telemedicine networks are reliable ones support multiple modes of communication audio, video, images ,other medical related data as well as there is a chance of getting the task done more easy than that of the traditional mechanisms.

>The interface provided by the telemedicine networks itself is in more effective way for proper working methodology including easy interaction to get high level
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