Advantages Of The 13th Amendment

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The Thirteenth through Fifteenth Amendments A Compromise Between Slave Tradition and the United States Mei Harter English Language Arts 8A Mrs. Finkell 15 February 2018 Do you know how many painful practices that slaves had, before the rise of the Thirteenth through the Fifteenth Amendments? In America’s history, the color of a man defined how he would live. This rule was treacherous for the slaves, who were mostly made up of the African American race. As a result, many slaves were ripped away from their families. They were forced to walk in chains; slaves were sold, starved, and left to die. Once the slaves were sold, they were whipped, and their minds were corrupted. In America, the Southern states were dependent on the slaves. However, there were men that were arising in the United States finding that slavery was wrong. As a result, States created their own constitutions about abolishing slavery. Before the Civil War, many people fought back and forth between sides of slavery. The United States’ creation of the Thirteenth through the Fifteenth Amendments was an influential compromise between United States and slavery because it challenged current society, abolished slavery, and created an equal country. Throughout the world’s history slavery was there. There were slave traders that captured and sold the slaves. The Atlantic Slave trade was one of the slave trades that started in the fifteenth century. Portuguese were the first ones who started; they went

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