Advantages Of The 7th Amendment

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Despite the fact that the 7th amendment is among the lesser known amendments, it created vital rules for the civil courts and emphasizes the supremacy of the court decisions. Based on the provisions of the 7th amendment, in all sits at the common law where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by the jury shall be preserved and there shall be no fact that is tried by the jury which shall be otherwise be re-examined in any court than based on the rules of the common law. Basically, there are four criteria through which the 7th amendment is applicable. First, the claim must fall under a civilian claim as opposed to a criminal claim. This means that when an individual is seeking for some cash to make compensations for a loss from the person who is being sued. Next, it means…show more content…
As such, equality law seeks to remedy a problem through imposing certain injunctions in order to solve a problem. However, one important aspect of the 7th amendment is that it bars the judges from overruling the findings of a jury unless there was such a violation of a common law; hence, in all but a few cases, the ruling of the jury will be regarded as a violation of the 7th amendment. Further, the 7th amendment makes specifications that the jury has to be unanimous in all civil cases. Therefore, in my own view, the 7th amendment is beneficial since it protects people from the rights that are abused by the government. It achieves this by ensuring that the government cannot simply lock people up in jails or prions; hence by doing so it protects the citizens from unnecessary tyranny by the government. If people never had a right to trial by the jury, they could simply find people guilty of any accusation that are falsely claimed. Hence, through instituting the right to trial by the jury, the 7th amendment protects the citizens from this
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