Advantages Of The Conquistadors

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The Spanish conquest of the Americas started in 1492 after Christopher Columbus found the new land under the crown of Spain. The Spanish explored and conquered most of the land in what is present day South America, Central America and Mexico. The expeditions most notable leaders were Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro. The Spanish fought many different tribes in the Americas, such as the Inca empire and the Aztec empire. What made this conquest of the new land even possible, were the vast advantages the Spanish had compared to the native tribes of the land. The Spanish had better technology than the natives of the land, along with the carrying of diseases, and having very good diplomacy skills. These advantage overall led to the downfall of the natives and the success of the conquistadors. The Spanish came to the land with technology new to the native tribes. One technology advancements were the swords carried by the Spanish Soldiers. “The conquistadors who swept through the New World were armed with steel swords.” The Spanish came to the New World with steel, a material the native tribes have not used or perhaps seen until the conquest. These swords had a devastating effect on the tribes as it could easily cut through the light garments the natives were accustomed to wearing. Along with swords came armor, “the latest forging techniques were used to create the strongest, sturdiest, lightest and most flexible armor.” This armor would prove to be very useful in
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