Advantages Of The Flying Machine

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1.0 Introduction Since the ancient time, humankind has been mesmerized by the thoughts of being able to fly in the air. Though humankind never succeeded in flying at that time, they have always dreamt of flying like birds for a long periods of time. So in 1000 B.C, the chinese invented kites to relish their desires to fly in the air but that was not enough for them to avail their real satisfaction of flying in the air. A man called Leonardo da Vinci finally invented a flying machine after several generations of struggling for the satisfaction for the desire of flying, but sadly the flying machine was not successful due to the reason that there are several mistakes and some lapses in the design and miscalculated performance aerodynamic qualities. Fortunately, the flying machine are able to improve in all the failed factors and aspects as the time went by. With the passage of time, people began to bring forth new ideas in order to create a better flying machine as science developed in a greater manner and the better understanding of our nature and surroundings from the people. This is mostly because people began to observed their surroundings which consists of many different phenomenons. For example, the Montgolfier brothers found out that gases actually have various weights and some gases are lighter than weight when in comparison to the other gases. After that, they brought forth the concept of the gas supported cell and also successfully equipped with a small scale model
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