Advantages Of The Kano Model Of Customer Satisfaction

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This chapter will discuss the secondary data that has been collected by the researcher during the course of the research. The secondary data that has been summarized and analyzed in this chapter present the conceptual framework for this study. The conceptual framework has been important in creating the methodical framework for this research. The results in the literature review have helped the researcher in creating the survey questionnaires and interview questions that have been used to manage the primary data. This chapter demonstrates a variety of theories and models of customer satisfaction and the significance of review customer needs.
2.2 Conceptual Framework
The research in perspective has adopted the contextual framework that organizations
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And at the same time brand loyalty can be attained when organizations are able to go beyond the expectations of the customers and fulfill their needs in the most effective way possible. When customer expectations are exceeded by organizations customers become their regular customers and spread good word of mouth about the organization thus creating a good reputation of the company in front of others. But a collapse on the part of an organization to fulfill the needs of the customers makes them feel deprived and they feel that organizations are intentionally depriving them of their needs and demands thus creating negative customer experience (Taylor,…show more content…
Although the development of must be requirements are not much compulsory as they are already satisfactory but instrumental in improving one dimensional requirements which have great impact on the quality of product and thus customer satisfaction.
2) The model helps in identifying and classifying the different requirements of a product. The level of customer satisfaction extremely depends on the product criteria which can be recognized using this model.
3) Kano’s model can also use as a part of the quality control of products and services as it facilitates in recognizing the requirements of the customers and thus modifying the product as per the customer requirement. The individual features of a product are identified and developed as per customer requirement to bring in more satisfaction (Taylor, 2003).
4) The Kano model also helpful in developing the product in the product developing stage. During the product development stage if two requirements of the products cannot be fulfilled for financial or technical reasons other criteria can be identified through this stage which will bring about maximum customer

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