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The world has been developing in more effective and convenient ways. People prefer faster and more precise solutions to their problems. However, United States of America, one of the leading countries, is still using the imperial system (aka U.S. customary system) which many people claim as a complicated and imperfect measurement language. Since adapting the metric system will make conversions easier, help USA to take a greater advantage in international commerce and it is a measurement language used in the study of science and medication, United States of America should adapt the metric system as the main units of measurement. A unit of measurement is used to address the capacity, weight, length or etc. and there are multiple units to show…show more content…
goods being produced and packaged under metric standards results in our country being at a competitive disadvantage in world markets (Manbeck).” National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in USA has been encouraging U.S. industry to use the metric system. They said adapting the metric system in U.S. industry will increase its competitiveness (USA NIST The International System of Units (SI) 4). “As Representative, Vernon Ehlers of Michigan noted in Congressional testimony this year: it is not just how much we will gain by metrication, it is how much we have been losing by not switching to the world’s standard of measurement (“Going Metric Pays Off”).” Thus it is necessary for U.S. industry to switch to the world’s standard of…show more content…
than the profit USA will earn after adapting the metric. It is true that adapting the metric will cost money. However, National Institute of Standards and Technology wrote on “The United States and the Metric System”: Sooner is better. America remains dependent upon two systems of measurement – a situation that is uneconomical, inefficient, and confusing. Time is of the essence because our transition to the metric system is not becoming cheaper or easier. Costs and inconvenience will increase dramatically for everyone as society continues to grow larger and more complex. A short-term, nation-wide investment in metric systems and will provide the long-term return of an efficient single-system metric economy (USA NIST The United States and the Metric System: A Capsule History

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