Mesoamerican Civilization Vs Olmec Civilization

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In general, there was no one characteristic that made an ancient society or civilization highly advanced. The combination of innovation and implementation of new ideas and inventions defined a civilization. Oftentimes this success could have been measured in the legacy a culture left behind, whether it was a religious tradition or simply the networking of roads in a city. The advancement of a civilization could have also be measured by looking at it’s social structure and its overall prosperity. The Olmec civilization, the first major ancient civilization in Mesoamerica, was able to create and implement a variety of methods and tools that were used by civilizations to come. These facts lead to the conclusion that the Olmec civilization was highly advanced due to its sophisticated religion, social structure and religious traditions, and their technical innovations. Every sophisticated civilization has at least one major city or capital. In the case of the Olmec civilization, there were two: La Venta and Tres Zapotes, but La Venta is the most well known of the two. The city was known to have at least eighteen thousand residents and was a religious and economic center of the civilization. It was made up…show more content…
In addition, a truly advanced ancient society would have also successfully put them into motion. An ancient sophisticated society would have had its own unique social structure along with technological advancements. It would have been able to create magnificent monuments that would hopefully still being standing hundreds or even thousands of years f=after the fall, and most importantly it have made its own mark on history. The Olmec civilization was a highly advanced civilization because of its social structure, technological advancements, and the religious beliefs, which all influenced the cultures that came after

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