Advantages Of The Progressive Movement

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In the 1800’s and early 1900’s, the rapid growth of the United States resulted in many benefits, but also many disadvantages. With the growing diversity of America, the industrialization of the United States and more, there are bound to be problems with these advancements. The Progressive movement and its reformers worked to improve the social, political, and economic problems in America. Three specific problems of many that were present and were reformed were the urbanization problems, monopolists in society and the poor working conditions in factories. These problems were reformed and their improvements made an impact on America today. One problem that was present in the late 1800’s in America was the conditions of urban cities. As the distribution of wealth between social and economic classes became increasingly unfair, poverty among the working class grew. Document 3b states that “Not that it would hurt them: kicks and cuffs are their daily diet… All the fresh air enters these stairs is from is from the hall-door that is forever slamming…Listen! That short hacking cough, that tiny helpless wail…” This shows the usual life of impoverished people and how intolerable it is. The action they took to change this is shown in Source 3a, where there is a photo taken by Jacob Riis, that depicts horrible living situation and little resources. It is also important to note that Riis is not the only one to expose these conditions. George Waring helped with sanitation in cities and
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