Advantages Of The Roman Empire

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Which components made the Roman Empire successful?

Many components have contributed to the success of the Roman Empire. Firstly, a major component was the favorite geographical location of Rome. Rome is located on seven hills surrounded by a mountain range and lies at the mouth of the Tiber River in Italian Peninsula. The seven hills and the Alps mountain range had provided excellent protection with military advantages. The Alps acted as a roadblock to prevent incoming outside threats to Rome, and this gave the Romans an advantage. They could spot upcoming enemies as the enemies had to find their way up slowly. Therefore, the Romans could plan a counterattack or defend themselves beforehand. The Alps and the seven hills allowed Romans to be well protected from threats and invasions. A specific example of Rome’s defense was the Capitoline Hill, the seat of Rome’s government and Rome’s largest fortress. The fortresses built on the hills provided excellent protection for all of Rome. The Tiber River provided military opportunities, and the Romans launched a navy making the army stronger and more adaptable to different environments. The mild weather and the Tiber River combined with rich volcanic soil gave the Romans a useful agricultural advantage. This advantage has increased Rome’s population rapidly, as settlers came to Rome for the stable food production and the agricultural opportunities. The increased population expanded the Empire’s economy and gave Rome more workforce
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