Advantages Of The South In The Civil War

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Nether side North or South was fully equipped for the war and how long it would last. The North had many advantage over the South including resources, leadership, and military strategies these advantage played a major role in the war. With the lack of some of advantage the South struggled to fight an uneven war. A main disadvantage the South had was resources. Compared to the South the North had greater resources such as population, industrial and agriculture ability, transportation networking, and financial resources when compared to the South. The North had “ 2.1 million men who fought for the Union” (Goldfield, The American Journey, 407) this equaled about half of the North’s men of eligible age to fight. A majority of the Unions military about 200,000 men where African Americans, a hearty amount of which was ex slaves. An additional amount of soldiers came from Irish and German immigrates as well as northern men themselves from all classes including common labors…show more content…
Confederate president Jefferson Davis’s previous career as secretary of war qualified him for running the Confederacy, but some of his characteristics hindered his leadership ability. He was extremely smart but interacted awkwardly with people. He often associated compromise with weakness and differing opinions as personal attacks. In contrast to Davis, Abraham Lincoln won the support of his people by “persevering the importance of the Union”. He also created support in his speeches where he used pathos to create an emotional connection to his people by referring to “the family man”. Lincoln handle disagreement much differently than Davis by defusing the tension with humor and the personal image of himself he projected made it easy for common people to relate to him. He won the heart of his soldiers by visiting the battlefields and talking with the soldiers. The easy way he talked to soldiers earned him the name “Old
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