Advantages Of The Welfare System

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Welfare is being misused by many low class citizens that take advantage of the system. The welfare system began in 1930’s during the Great Depression and was financial aid to help families that had little or no income, (US Welfare System, 2015). Welfare was meant to be short term, so people would be able to take up stable jobs, (History and Debate of Welfare, 2015). This was a good idea and still is. Now, people are abusing the system and taking advantage of it. The people who take advantage of the welfare system are lazy and it 's just a way for them not to get a job. This also affects the hard working class of Americans that pay taxes that support welfare. They should keep track of what people do with the financial aid that they get from welfare to make sure it 's being used as its supposed to and not being misused.…show more content…
These people are living a life where they can sit and do nothing and get something in return without having to give back. This is making them become less self reliant and more dependent on the government. According to Newt Gingrich, the welfare system makes it hard for the poor to get back on their feet, ( Westfall, 2015). It makes it hard because they can depend on the government to support them People should be more responsible for themselves and not depend on others. These people just need to start looking for jobs and getting one. This is why we need short term welfare so that people won’t be able to abuse the system as if it was long term like it is
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