Advantages Of Total Quality Management

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Everything comes up with both pros and cons and similar is the case with the economic globalization. The environment has become more competitively fierce for the manufacturing companies and they have to face more challenges as compared to the opportunities. Therefore, they have to set out such standards that can support them in both domestic and international markets. Competitive advantage can be achieved in the marketplace by adopting and implementing a well-defined set of operations management practices (Heizer and Render, 2004). Some of the best operational management practices are Just In Time (JIT) systems, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Total Quality Management (TQM). Total Quality Management (TQM) is one of the best forms of operations management practices.
Total quality management is a holistic approach of quality improvement for the purpose of performance im¬provement in terms of quality and innovation. Total quality management (TQM) has been reported by many researchers as a highly potential tool for gaining maximum knowledge, learning and capturing high competitive advantage (Marti¬nez-Costa et al,2008).
The purpose of the study is to explore the relationship between the degree to which total quality management
(TQM) practices are implemented within the organizations and the competitive advantages achieved as its consequences. A strong

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