Advantages Of Tourism In Kerala

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1. Nalini Netto (2004), in her article, “Tourism development in Kerala”, stated that the careful management of tourism is necessary in order to overcome maximum benefits with minimum negative impacts and to make it more environmentally and socially responsible. Many developing countries have responded positively to tourism as a source of foreign exchange and a generator of employment. The IT policy, 1998, has identified tourism as one of the important areas with the potential for IT application.
2. Rangnathan .C (1997), in his article, “Information technology in tourism: an illusstration”, argued that tourism is a service industry and it provide timing and quality of services. Many Asian countries are focusing their attention on tourism to increase their foreign earnings. The application of IT in tourism becomes relevant. The advantage of using information technology could be better appreciated and understood if the basic computer applications that would give the tourist corporations a competitive advantages is analysed.
3. Manjula Chaudhary (2010), in her work, “Training men to manage tourism”, pointed out that new technologies are finding application in industry and online business models are increasingly being adopted with information and communication technologies at the forefront. It is changing the norm of manpower requirement and the demand for multiple skills set combining tourism, computer and soft skills is increasing. This is indeed a big challenge.
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