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Total quality management (TQM) has become a world-wide topic in the twenty-first century. Total quality management (TQM) has grown and defined in so many organizations but nowadays TQM is playing a vital role in educational field. The advantages of Total Quality management have been valued by many companies around the world. Most of the principles of TQM can be implemented in the area of education and training. This article aims to show how higher education can benefit from the advantages of TQM and how it can be implemented. The paper attempts to theoretically conceptualize TQM in higher education. Keywords: Quality; Total Quality Management (TQM); Higher Education Institutes INTRODUCTION The concept of TQM has developed by U.S.Department…show more content…
 TQM solve the problems of rising cost and pressure to provide quality education in higher education institutions.  TQM will help institutions of higher education maintain their competitiveness, eliminate inefficiencies in the organization.  TQM help focus on the market needs, achieve high performance in all areas, and satisfy the needs of all stakeholders. TQM Implementing in Higher Education The TQM concept applied to higher education embraces all fields and levels of education and has an effect on the following: − Physical facilities (buildings, sport complexes, open field etc.), − Academic infrastructure (laboratories, library, documentation, communication, information infrastructure etc.), − Curriculum − Examinations and evaluation systems − Supplying academic and administrative personal and their improvement systems − Research and publication − Institutional development plans 8) Declining quality of graduates, increasing competition and growing mandates for accountability by accreditation associations, legislatures, and funding bodies are among the factors that have “forced” HEIs to focus on quality. The successful acceptance and implementation of quality system in higher education is often…show more content…
• It demands management leadership in establishing total quality as a way of life • It is driven by a clear vision for the future and a blueprint for action. • It focuses on the client, both internal and external. • It requires clear definition of client expectations and meeting them, 100 percent of the time. • It requires human resource excellence in training, communication, cooperation, feedback and reward sharing. • It requires continuous measurement of client satisfaction. • It demands responsible citizenship and respect for the public

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