Advantages Of Traditional Education

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Education is a significant pillar of life because it allows people to explore and learn different things. Yet better than that, it also teaches people to be more open minded and prepares them to be independent for the future. So education is a process of transferring knowledge from one generation to the other. Education is so important in building a satisfying society however, students intend to not have any passion in learning and going through the same traditional education routine. The biggest problem about traditional education is that students find it to be boring and they have a lack of interest about it, since in the United States of America, a child drops out of school every nine seconds, and also by they reach the age of 21, they would have spent 10,000 hours playing video games as that interests them. So in this case schools should adapt to teaching children in a way that interests them to make education enjoyable.

One of the possible solutions in getting children to like school again is to switch from a traditional analog teaching system where students go through the ritual of reading, writing, and solving arithmetic on paper to a digital teaching system such as an integrated information system. An integrated information system can manage a student’s information and provide all their needs such as an online digital textbook and also provide all their assignments online through the access of a student portal. According to the article of “School Management System
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