Advantages Of Transaction Processing System

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Transaction processing system or which is also known as transaction server is a software system or the combination of software and hardware that supports transaction processing. The system captures and processes information that is vital to keep the data of an organizations updated from time to time to provide the best it could. There are two types of transaction processing system which are the batch transaction processing and the real time processing or more commonly known as online processing. Transaction processing system mainly supports business functions and organizations especially in the accounting and financing transactions sector. Transaction processing system is known as the backbone of organizations and business firm information…show more content…
For example a business firms that produces machinery items needs to promote their items in order to get more profit so they can use the way of transaction processing system which is the real time system to promote their items. Prices and specifications of the item may vary from time to time according to the needs and competition so large business firms can actually just be a click away to make changes to system. Consequently the changes will occur and it makes the business firms work way more easier and their customers will get an updated version of information about the items sold by a particular business firms. This eventually impacts a business firms in a positive way that when the customer is satisfied with the service, they will eventually order and purchase more items from that business…show more content…
Though there might be some disadvantages here and there for this system, but there is always solution to it to fix it all over. In order to ensure the targets of the business firms and organizations to be in a well advanced position, the transaction processing system plays a very big role and the way each one handles the system do play an important role too. Transaction processing system is proved to have made so much business firms, organizations and many people in the society’s life way easier and less complicated with this well benefited system. We all should in one way or another be thankful for this kind of information system to be created and we should not take it for granted but in fact we should find ways to make it more useful for the society and country in times to come for the current and future

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