Advantages Of Treffinger Learning Model

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B. Treffinger Learning Model Treffinger learning model is one of cooperative learning model that has concept of creative problem solving where Treffinger learning model is the revision from creative problem solving by Donald J. Treffinger. Donald J Treffinger is the president of Center of Creative Learning Inc Sarasota, Florida Treffinger modified six steps in creative problem solving becomes three major components. (Miftahul Huda, 2013: p. 318). Treffinger learning model orients to process in learning. Treffinger learning model is the learning model which is developed from creative learning model to develop mental and give priority to process. (Shoimin, 2014: p. 219). Treffinger (2010) also stated that Treffinger learning model is learning …show more content…

2. The Advantages of Treffinger Learning Model The advantages of applying Treffinger learning model according to Huda (2013: p. 320) are as follows: a. Make the students more active in learning and have confidence to speak their ideas. b. Develop students' thinking skills because it presented a problem in the early learning and provide flexibility to students to find their own solutions. Students are given discretion in determining alternative solutions. c. Make students apply the knowledge they already have into new situation. It will increase harmony and tolerance attitude because in selecting the most appropriate solution to solve the problem, it needs acceptance attitude from all students. Intani (2015) also stated that the effect of Treffinger learning model implementation included: a. Growing positive character inside the students, discipline, responsibility, cooperation harmony, tolerance, bravery of expressing opinion, and self-confidence b. The students were getting sensitive to social problems and could solve them c. Ability of thinking …show more content…

Building acceptance, in which the teacher checked one solution chosen by each group. Based on the major component of Treffinger and steps from expert, researcher adapted some ideas on how to use Treffinger in learning speaking. a. The first step is setting goals where teacher informs competency to be achieved in learning. In this research, teacher wants to improve students’ speaking skill in asking and giving opinion. Teacher gives students examples about how to ask and give opinion in English. This step can improve students’ grammar and pronunciation. b. Exploring Data. In this step, teacher demonstrates or presents a natural phenomenon that can attract the curiosity of students. Teacher shows picture or video to the students about social problems. In this research, the problems were flood, juvenile delinquency, using mobile phone for children and the effect of social media. c. Formulating problems. In this step, teacher gives students the opportunity to identify problems. Teacher creates students groups and invites students to discuss it together. d. Generating Ideas, in which teacher gives opportunity to identify the problem raises, express ideas and also tutors students to decide alternative solutions. Teacher gives students time to express their

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