Advantages Of Unhealthy Lifestyle

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There have several challenges that individuals and communities have to overcome in order to live a healthy lifestyle to ward off the risk of diabetes. One of the challenge which is the struggling of financial. In Malaysia, the rate of diabetes are increase in these recent years and the medical cost paying by the diabetics are costly in the health care issues. This is because Asian citizens have a lot unhealthy lifestyle such as night activities, eating night, smoking, fast food or unhealthy schedule of life. Due to the medical cost are expensive, they are willing to pay money to enjoy their life instead of paying the medical cost therefore they have no knowledge to take care about their healthy. They have unhealthy lifestyle and resulting in body emergence of various diseases and they are unable to afford expensive medical bill which is operation fee so they willing not to do physical therapy. Although the medical fee is higher but the diabetics have no positive knowledge to do treatment and think that are not a serious problem to them so they willing used up the money to enjoy their life or others expenses. Medical cost for diabetics divided to two part which is direct and indirect cost. Direct healthcare cost include consultation fee, cost of drug, cost of hospitalisation and the cost of laboratory tests and investigations. Direct non-healthcare cost include cost of consumables, cost of transportation, cost of lodging and cost of home help. Indirect cost which is cost
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