Advantages Of Urban Transportation

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION This chapter aims to provide a basic understanding of the issue of unsustainable and undeveloped mode choices, which affects the general efficiency with which travelers can travel in urban areas along Alexandria. This chapter will identify hypothesis, aims, objectives & methodology of the research for having alternative Advanced Urban Public Transportation by using Urban Monorail System (UMS). 1.1 Introduction High levels of congestion and air pollution are found in most cities and the world can be attributed directly to the rapidly rising number of private cars in use. In order to reverse this decline in the quality of life in cities, attempts should be encouraging people to use their cars less and public…show more content…
For example, people who are traveling together are more likely to feel the connected community of those who travel in cars in isolation. • People are encouraged to lifestyle healthier activity, especially if they are walking or cycling to the station or stop. • It helps reduce injuries and deaths from car accidents. • Availability of transportation to get to people regardless of demographics such as income or age. • It is less stressful. Instead of driving in traffic or wasting time searching for the elusive car park, passengers can public transport to relax and listen to music or read a book. Economic • Travel is cheaper than owning and operating a car. • It reduces the need for the construction of car parks on valuable land that could otherwise be used as an office of great value or retail space. • Reduces dependence on rapidly diminishing oil supplies.…show more content…
In new Sustainable Cities, they use Friendly and Sustainable Urban Public Transportation, instead of using the old, unsustainable and undeveloped ones, which require for each to be developed. This research provides a study of Urban Monorail System (UMS) as a successful tool that is used all over the world to improve the urban development, activities and the overall urban environment. The research will study and list UMS impacts inside the cities and study some good examples of cities that applied UMS. Finally, a study of Alexandria UMS in Egypt will be presented, that focuses on its effects on the city and whether or not it is used efficiently as a mean of urban development. 1.2 Problem definition The first problem is a diversity of unsustainable and undeveloped mode choices of transportation, which affects the general efficiency of access for pedestrians and motorized traffic load in Alexandria. The second problem is a lack of achievement of the factors may request the expansion of land used to house the buildings, which require people to travel longer distances. Any developed urban transit systems include factors such as: • Careful

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